GET Forest of Doom

Follow this link to purchase the Strategy Guide (which contains a download link)


If you are NOT in North America, you may get a better price and shipping rate by visiting¬†and selecting your COUNTRY. Then, do a search for “Forest of Doom” and you get prices in your local currency (and better shipping, I hope!)

The first person to conquer Forest of Doom will get this one-of-a-kind mug, with all the Honors, Bragging-Rights, and Privileges appertaining:


  • Yes, there really will be only ONE of these mugs ever made!
  • Provide proof of your win, on any of the 3 levels of difficulty (screenshot?)
  • Provide a copy of your receipt from LULU (you did buy it, right?)
  • Beta testers and early reviewers aren’t eligible (gotta be fair!)

Email your win to: FOD @